I really like the facial expression when Sims bowl.

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I am/was doing the 100 baby challenge for awhile and I made the house really bright and cheerful.

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Can someone please please please help me find these curtains? They came in like 3 different sizes.
They were my favorite and I recently lost all my downloaded CC and I cannot remember or find these curtains and yeah
So if you could please help me that’d be great!
Sorry for the crappy picture as well OTL

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This cat…

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Ok I made Ellie from The Last of Us, I may or may go back and change her nose, but I have to say I am very proud of her ububu~

Ellie has the last name Johnson, since I could not find her biological one? I gave her the last name Johnson after her voice actress.

Ellie is

  • Hydrophobic
  • Adventurous
  • Brave
  • Gatherer

I hope you guys like her and would you like her up as a download?

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I just realized my pets aren’t as fluffy as they’re suppose to be… I’m not really sure how to fix this hmm because they’ve always appeared as these blobs with smooth fur? I have all my settings to max and Dachs’ HQ mod ;-;
I guess I’ll live with these blobs.

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Zane Howell

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Kate yelled, falling backwards on her Skate and sending Zane flying up to land on the hard skate rank face down.

KateI’m so sorry!

Zane: *laughs into skate rink* You’re fine, you’re fine! Don’t look so upset, I didn’t know I could fly that high up!
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Zane: You seem a bit nervous? Am I making you uncomfortable?

Kate: No, no, I’m fine now- ! it’s just I think I’m starting to loose my-

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